The Adventures of Penelope Hawk: a NEW SAMPLE from my chapter book for kids.

It is Friday so that means A NEW SAMPLE CHAPTER from The Adventures of Penelope Hawk!

86 Amazing Kickstarter Backers have pledged $4,233.00 to support The Adventures of Penelope Hawk so far and I’m very grateful to all of them. Many more people have been showing their support on social media and getting the word out so I also want thank you.

There are still twenty days left in the campaign so I’m going to continue to plug along because we all know how important reading is in childhood development and how difficult it can be to get kids to read. Reading encourages kids to use their imagination. 

I can tell you from personal observations and life experiences that children need to use their imaginations early and often. I have various opinions when it comes to early education, but I tend to side with Ken Robinson on a number of the issues. There are so many things that can rob kids of imagination, which also stifles their creativity. 

It is Friday and I thought why not head into the weekend with another sample chapter from the book that you can read at your leisure. You can CLICK HERE to read the first chapter from last Friday if you missed it. 

As always if you know of anyone this book might appeal to please feel free to share the to the Kickstarter page or on social media. Thank you so much and enjoy your weekend!




Every tree imaginable grows in the Bohdi Forest. There are the familiar elms and maples, aspens and pines—you can even find the very rare jufi tree, known for its golden leaves and chocolate fruits. There are tsoa trees, which grow higher than the tallest building in New York City, and ghnao trees that only grow half an inch high. You have to be careful not to step on those when making your way through the forest that lies inside the dreaming world of Marazia.

The Bohdi Forest also happens to be the home of the once famous, now retired, monk of the Uddah named Ix. He lives in the hollowed-out branches of a great Sufi tree, its bark polished smoother than any hardwood floor. It is a rather fine home, located halfway between the Sea of Golden Eternity and the royal city of Marazia. His home has many windows from which to view the forest or to lie about in the light on lazy afternoons. Ix is responsible for tending to the entire Bohdi Forest, and most consider him a very fine, yet mysterious, creature. Well respected by the queen of Marazia and her court, Ix was placed in charge of Bohdi Forest after proving his incredible skill for growing trees. He produced the largest tsoa tree in all the land and planted it right in the center of the queen’s royal palace.

As was his habit on lazy afternoons, Ix was taking a nap in the shade of a copper mushroom. Unexpectedly, one of the queen’s royal messengers appeared before him. Dressed in gleaming purple armor, the queen’s messenger rode a green mist horse. He held open a long roll of papyrus paper. Ix slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the knight. The horse wavered in the air like a mossy phantom, catching bits of sunlight in its fur.

“The Queen Isthliana summons you, Ix of the Bohdi, to the royal palace of Marazia,” said the knight as he handed Ix the scroll. The messenger then quickly turned and galloped away into the trees. Ix rubbed his eyes and unrolled the paper. It was a very personal and important letter, written by the queen herself:

Dear Ix, Monk of the Uddah,

A dire situation presents itself. Tasm, the overlord of nightmares, has begun to assemble a vicious army of the foulest monsters imaginable. He has posted a declaration of war against Marazia and is stealing dreamers in order to build horrible nightmare machines. I know not where these machines come from, but I fear we will all need to unite in an attempt to stop him. My spies have told me the machines run on the fears of children. Already there are ripples in the fabric of all dreams. If Tasm succeeds in his task, then all of Marazia and the Sleepworlds may fall under a spell of darkness. Please come as quickly as you can.

      Your Queen,


Clutching the letter to his chest, Ix looked up at the sky. Overhead, the familiar white, puffy clouds were slowly dimming, turning gray as if the life were draining out of them. A strange fear crept into his heart as he watched the darkening sky. All dreams turn to nightmares, he thought to himself. What sort of treachery was Lord Tasm up to now?

I’d best hurry, he thought. The queen is very anxious to see me. Ix rushed into his home with a mixed sense of apprehension and purpose. He would need a few items before he traveled to the royal palace. He gathered a pouch of magic seeds, a clean pair of underwear, and his magical walking staff. As Ix was busy assembling his travel sack, he heard a sudden rustling of feathers on the windowsill behind him. It was Oigy, the paranoid blackbird.

“Ix! Ix! Ix!” he squawked in a panic.

“What is it, Oigy?” Ix said, walking over to the bird. “I’m very busy and don’t have time for your nonsensical squawking.”

“Big troubles! Big! Big!” the bird twisted its head from side to side. Ix had never seen his friend so upset.

“What is it?”

“The trees! The trees are being torn down! Ripped up out of the ground! Out of the ground!”

Ix ran to the window. The sky was getting darker, but nothing seemed to be wrong with the forest. “Where is this happening?”

“Way out! Way out by the golden water! Big machines digging on the beaches. Digging on the beaches and chopping the trees and hurting the fuzzy somethings. Nightmares are running the machines! Nightmares and robots! Horrible, it is!”

“Robots?” the news filled Ix with dread.

“Bad! Bad! Bad! The animals are moving in! Afraid of the machines, they are. Running for their lives, they are! The peacock people are making a sun dance in the forests, trying to fight the coming storm! What can we do?” the bird asked.

“The queen has summoned me to the palace.”

“You better go! You had better do something! Scary machines are chopping the trees and the fuzzy somethings!” the bird chirped.

“Try to calm down, Oigy. Go get Farfel and have him come to me immediately.”

“Gotta go! Must go! Be right back with Farfel!” the bird cried and lifted off the windowsill. Ix watched the bird sail off among the colorful branches. Overhead, a deep crimson was swallowing up the blue sky. Bad things were happening in Marazia, and Ix did not know what he could do to stop them. He was only a simple monk, a gardener who had lived many hundreds of years without violence in his life.


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